Ubuntu on Windows Tablet

TrekStor SurfTab wintron 7.0

Hi there, I'm back
A few days ago I saw the TrekStor SurfTab wintron 7.0 advertised in a catalogue of a local consumer-electronics shop. It cost only 40$, so I had to buy it to mess with it. First have a short look at it's specs. It features a fully compatible Windows 8.1 installation, a 7" touchscreen (not a really high resolution), 16GB of embedded storage (extra microSD slot) and, of course, bluetooth and wifi. BUT, what makes this tablet really interesting, is the fact, that it has an Intel Atom CPU and can boot from removeable storage media, as long as they can handle the UEFI correctly. What follows is a short writeup on how to boot, install and configure Ubuntu, getting as many software parts working as possible.

Root Android

Intel Atom X86

Hi There
A few days ago I received a Tolino Tab 8. This device Is actually meant to be an e-book reader, sold by various bookstores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It's designed by Deutsche Telekom and actually is manufactured by Treckstor. If we look at the specs, it makes actually a pretty decent tablet, featuring 2GB RAM, 16GB Internal Storage (up to 32GB microSD), 8" WUXGA Display (1920x1200) and an Intel Atom CPU, up to 1.83 GHz.